Minutes of Annual Meetings



May 18, 2019
Jenkins VFW Club

Sign in, Pancake Breakfast and Pay Dues
President Claire Steen called the meeting to order at 9:00 am, welcoming all to the meeting.
Total of 44 were in attendance. She introduced our speaker, Jason Hauser, a Natural Resource
Specialist from the US Army Corp of Engineers. He gave an excellent talk on the water levels in
the Mississippi River Basin, Pine River Dam, and the Cross Lake elevations. Cross Lake normal
summer elevations are between 1229.07 to 1229.57 with the target at 1229.32. The actual
measurement today was 1229.36 at the Cross Lake Reservoir allocation. To learn more about
this topic, visit their websites: http://rivergages.com (St. Paul District – Mississippi Headwaters
Project); http://water.usace.army.mil (Search = Pine River Dam); or call 651-290-5793 for the
Cross Lake Recreation Area.
Ken Meyer made a motion to approve the day’s agenda, seconded by Craig Miller. Motion
passed. Ken Meyer made a motion to suspend reading of the secretary’s minutes from the
2018 Annual Meeting, seconded by Cindy Rieck. President Steen highlighted the important
topics as well as copies of the minutes were distributed to everyone. Motion approved.
Treasurer’s report was presented by Ken Meyer. He read the report presented to the UHLA
Board at the May 9, 2019 meeting and also welcomed anyone interested to look at his books.
Motion by Cindy Rieck, seconded by Tom Audette, all in favor to accept the Treasurer’s report.
A copy of the Treasurer’s report is found in the newsletter.
President Steen introduced the UHLA Board Members – Judy Murphy, Ken Meyer, Whitey
Larson, Mickey Pierwien, Craig Swandal, Neil Beaverson, and Jan Marshall. Absent was Jill
Bergstrom. The President also introduced new members to the lake: Larry and Linda Tarras
and Paul and Becky Zech – relatives of Pat Zabel.
Cindy Rieck reported on the condition of the outlet with the falling trees. Cindy has made
several attempts to find answers what the UHLA can do to improve the outlet and help make it
more recreational. A lengthy discussion followed. An unofficial answer from the DNR is, “If you
cut the trees you won’t be arrested!” This problem is on the “Winter To Do” list for the DNR. A
central committee volunteered composed of Mike and Lori Thate, Neil Beaverson, Jim Fleming,
Brad Schultz and Bob Faundeen, plus anyone else interested to clean the outlet.

We have been allotted 300 hours for AIS inspection at the Boating Landing again this year. We
can also have our own members help with the inspection. Training is available. Inspection is
from Memorial Day thru Labor Day.
Ken Meyer reported on the loons. As far as we know there are 2 rafts out. The raft in front of
the Meyer’s has a loon sitting, but very sporadic. Not sure if there is an egg in the nest or not.
Not certain where the other raft is located on the lake.
Greg Murphy is willing to do the water quality testing again this year. He does the testing once
a month and will be doing the first one this year tomorrow.
Ken Meyer gave a report on the chemical permits. Because of the changes from DNR, UHLA will
no longer handle permits but each individual member can contact the DNR directly either by
phone or online.
Shoreline Restoration – you can still receive a $600 donation from the UHLA to be involved with
shoreline restoration. Per Claire, this is a one-time only donation, but she highly recommends
and encourages members to be active in shoreline restoration. Also there is a new grant (Cost
Share Program) from the Crow Wing Soil and Water Conservation District to help with
restoration plans. There is $3300 available and only available this year. Beth Hippert and
Shelley Larson from Hayland Woods, are conducting a workshop where they come and help
groups with the planning and actual work on this common project. If interested, contact Claire
for further details.
Neil Beaverson reported on the probability of having a porta potty at the public landing from
Memorial Day thru Labor Day. A permit would have to be purchased as well as insuring we
have liability coverage. Dean Schrimpf made a motion, seconded by Jim Fleming to try it for one
season. Passed by majority vote, vetoed by one.
There will be a July 4 th boat parade again this year. Starting time is 3:00 pm.
The UHLA Annual Picnic will be held on August 3, back up date, if inclement weather, is August
10. Starting time is noon at the Hay Lake Lodge grounds. The UHLA Board will provide the
hamburgers, brats, and condiments. We are asking everyone to bring a dish to share. Also,
bring a camp chair and your own “special” beverages.
We are still in need of someone to work on our website. Jan Marshall reported on checking
with CLC to see if there is a student who would be interested as a student worker job. Any
Announcements for upcoming events:

Minnesota Lakes & Rivers Advocates – June 17 & 18 – Northern Lights Casino
Starry Trek 2019 – Saturday, August 17 – more info at www.StarryTrek.org
AIS Research and Management Showcase – St. Paul – Wednesday, September 18.
Jim Fleming attended the AIS presentation at Ideal Corners. Said it was very interesting.
A boat tie up is in the plans this summer – Joanne Audette & Judy Murphy will be sending more
information on this later.
UHLA Board Members Election – Dennis Czech gave an introduction on David Westland, who
was unable to attend this meeting but will be moving to the lake and is very interested in
becoming involved with UHLA activities. Dennis made a motion to have his name placed on the
UHLA Board. In addition, both Whitey Larson and Mickey Pierwien have consented to serve
another term. A motion made by Lori Engel, seconded by Cindy Rieck to accept David
Westland, Whitey Larson and Mickey Pierwien serve for the next term of three years on the
UHLA Board. All in favor!
Motion by Craig Miller, seconded by Neil Beaverson to adjorn. Passed. Meeting adjourned at
10:50 am.
Respectfully submitted,
Jan Marshall
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