AUGUST 4, 2022


UHLA hosted the second annual Burger Night on August 4, 2022. This time at The American Legion in
Pequot Lakes at 5:30 P.M. This event replaced the picnic again. People seemed to like it. There were at
least 41 in attendance, possibly more. People enjoyed the opportunity to visit. The association will keep this in August and try to do something similar for the annual meeting. NO FORMAL MEETING WAS HELD. THUS, NO MINUTES WERE TAKEN.

Upper Hay Lake Association Board Meeting 

September 15, 2022

Hay Lake Lodge

Meeting was called to order at 1:10 PM by President Claire Steen.  Present were: Claire Steen, Lori Engel,  Ken Meyer, Jack Woodruff, Judy Murphy, Whitey Larson and Brad Kaus. Members absent:  Neil Beaverson and Brad Schultz. 

Secretary Report for June reviewed- Jack voted to approve, Judy seconded.  All in favor. 

Treasurers Report– Presented by Ken Meyer. Information presented as to how many people attended the August Burger night at Legion.  About 41 in attendance.  That is a number derived from the baskets used and sign in.  Neither was a complete count. Cost of Burger night was $ 570.   Motion to approve by Brad K seconded by Judy Murphy. Vote to approve as presented all in favor. 

Old Business

Boat Parade– Boat parade was a success despite weather ruining the ice cream social at end.  We had people coming to ice cream social that were not on their boat as well as boat people.  The storm stopped it.  Maybe next year weather will be great, and we can try again. 

Starry Stonewart- Neil sent the following report following the meeting.  

July, August and September starry stonewort lake sampling complete.  No invasive plants were found. Areas sampled were both sides of dock at public landing and frontage by dock at Hideway Resort.  All vegetation pulled from lake was identified as native. 

Boat  Landing Inspection-There have been no reports as there is no one inspecting this year.  Would we like to request inspection next year?  Is there a need for volunteers to man?  After discussion it was decided that, if possible, it would be nice to have it manned from 6- 10 AM and 4-6 or 7 PM.  There is really no need any other time. 

Burger Night Evaluation– After much discussion it was decided that it was an event that people liked.  There were at least 41 in attendance possibly more.  People enjoyed the opportunity to visit.  We will keep this in August and try and do something similar for annual meeting. 

Other- no other at this time

New Business

Annual Meeting or Spring Meeting- Question about what the bylaws require.  How tied are we to a specific date?  According to Ken our 503c status requires us to hold an annual meeting in May or about there.  Suggestion that perhaps people would come if we moved this to June.  Suggestion June 15.  The Burger night was a success so use that format as well.  Decision to hold it as a Burger night with meeting first.  Meeting 5-6PM and then burgers.  Need to be at the meeting between 5-6 to get a ticket to burger night. 

Suggestions for speakers- DNR representative or Crow Wing Land Services to answer questions about the Channel to Lower Hay Lake and questions on buildings and plants on lake shore. 

Another idea would be someone from Loon Center.  Jack will attempt to get a hold of someone at one of these to speak. 

Channel to Lower Hay Lake-This was a concern at Burger Night and at the meeting in May.  It seems to come up regularly.  What can we do? Perhaps a speaker at the annual meeting could answer questions about this. 

NewsLetter  – Brad Schultz will let us know what the deadline for the next newsletter.  Probably the first of October. Be thinking of articles for this.   


  1. Jack Woodruff to work on contacts for speaker for Annual Meeting June 15.
  2. All board members should be thinking, writing or getting ideas for the newsletter.  It will be due to Brad Schultz early October.    

Next Meeting in April, 2023

Meeting Adjourned @ 2:25PM   Jack moved, Brad K seconded.  Adjourned. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Lori Engel