Application Process

Property owners who are interested in completing a project must do the following:


Jarrett Drileck is our representative for the Watershed District and any question can be directed at him. Jarrett’s phone is 218-828-6197 or

If applicants do a shoreline evaluation (cost of $150 each) by Crow Wing CSWD – Evaluation to include a board member and UHLA board receives a copy of the report – UHLA will pay for first 20 residents that do the assessment with UHLA board inclusion.


  1. Submit a formal plan of the work you intend to do. You can get assistance from two sources: the CWSWCD or local approved shoreline restoration contractors. At the CWSWCD contact Beth Hippert at 218-828-6197, ext. 4251. She will come to your place, make suggestions and for a reasonable fee, actually draw up your plan which will be all you need to submit to the Association so we can apply for a grant. An approved private contractor who does lakeshore restoration will do the same. A formal plan done by CWSWCD or an approved contractor is required for a project to be approved.
  2. Anyone interested in doing a shoreline restoration project should submit their plan, with an approximate cost, to the Association’s Board of Directors before November 30 of each year. The Association will then formalize a proposal to Crow Wing Soil and Water, but there is no guarantee that we will receive any money.
  3. Note: Do not start a project until approval is received!!! Also, no money is disbursed until the project is completed and inspected by the CWSWCD!
  4. The Association will provide additional grant money of $600 for any UHLA approved project. This money is separate from any other grant monies we might receive.

For questions, contact our President, Brad Schultz, at 952.393.1758 or email