General information

Chemical Application: General Information The Upper Hay Lake Association feels that members have the perogative to improve their beach and swimming areas so they can be enjoyed.  To that end, some individuals may wish to apply Copper Sulfate to control snails and thereby also control Swimmer’s itch.  Others have a weed problem and wish to apply Hydrothol 191.  Neither of these chemicals have been shown to harm a lake in any way and are approved for application by the Department of Natural Resources of Minnesota. The DNR issues permits for the application of these chemicals and requires that individuals obtain these permits prior to application.  The Association feels that by being involved in chemical application, we can ensure that the chemicals being used will be applied in accordance with regulations and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Each year, the Association collects applications from members who wish to apply chemicals. In our winter newsletter members find the applciation form. In the form, members let us know if they will apply their own chemicals or work with a professional applicator. The Association collects the fees necessary to cover the cost of the permits and then turns in the list of names to the Mn DNR. In the spring we (and the Professional Applicator) gets the permit from the DNR. Members get the permit number from us and (after posting the required signage on their beach) they can apply their chemicals. We ONLY take applications one time. After we turn in the list to the DNR we are not permitted to add any new names. Therefore, if a member did not get his name in earlier, that member will have to go to the Brainerd DNR office and get their own permit.

Members applying their own chemicals are asked to read the instructions carefully as they may change from year to year and COMPLY strictly with the instructions.  NOTE: if you have chemicals left over from the previous year, you still need a current year’s permit! So be sure to watch for the application in the Winter Newsletter and send it in along with the fee.