Minnesota Boating Regulations

Boating is one of the primary reasons we live on a lake. But along with the pleasure aspect comes responsiblity. “Boat Friendly” must be our guiding force. Stay at least 150′ away from docks and other vessels if you are moving at high speed. Actually, avoidance of people fishing requires greater distance just to be courteous. Give loons (especially with young) a very wide berth. The DNR recommends a 100-ft. distance.  This applies to all waterfowl. Don’t enter bulrushes with your motor running. This can chop off the shoots and kill the plant. Bulrush plays a very important role in water ecology. It helps prevent beach erosion from wave action and provides spawning area. Remember to have personal floatation devices for all persons on board and children under 10 must be wearing the device. For a complete reference to boating regulations in MN go to: