Annual Membership Meeting


Spring Membership Meeting

We look forward to seeing you on May 21, 2022 for our annual meeting at the VFW Club in Jenkins at 8:00 A,M..  Shelley Larson, a shoreline restoration consultant with Hayland Woods, will be our speaker.  Shelley and crew worked with Cindy Rieck this past summer on her shoreline.  She has valuable information on ways to create buffer strips of vegetation to filter the phosphorus going into the lake.  This date is in accordance with Article V, Section 1 of our Bylaws:

Annual Meeting of the Membership.  An annual meeting of the members shall be held the Saturday before Memorial Day Weekend.  In order to vote at the annual meeting you must be a member in good standing.  Notification of the Annual Meeting’s time, place and agenda shall be sent by mail to members three (3) weeks prior to the meeting.

The pancake breakfast will NOT be served  this year.